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11/15/18 w Joshua Radin

It’s been a while since I performed with Joshua Radin, but last time it was for a SOLD OUT crowd of about 500 people. I’m hoping this week’s show will be the same! Make sure you get tickets in advance 😉 Thursday 11/15 Ardmore Music Hall 23 East Lancaster Ave

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West Coast 2018 – Part II

I’m “Going Back to Cali” 😉 This is my second trip this year and I’d love to see some familiar faces while I’m out there. Here’s a quick list of shows I’m doing in the next week. If you live in the area, I’d love to see you! If you

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Philly Underdog’s Fight Song!

I had a blast writing and recording this song with my bud Tommy Joyner @ Milkboy The Studio! It’s catching fire on, and more Philly Media outlets this week. Stayed tuned!  

Singing on The Voice Theme Song!

Actually it sounds a lot cooler than it is… Last Fall, I was hired to record the lead vocal tracks to guide Adam Levine and Blake Shelton. I sang their parts, so that they could understand what to do, then each of them would rerecord his own part. It’s kind

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