Singing on The Voice Theme Song!

Actually it sounds a lot cooler than it is…

Last Fall, I was hired to record the lead vocal tracks to guide Adam Levine and Blake Shelton. I sang their parts, so that they could understand what to do, then each of them would rerecord his own part. It’s kind of like being a stand in on a movie set. I was just a temporary place holder.

No big deal, right? Well, the cool thing is I also sang harmonies, which wound up in the final mix. Season 14 airs next month, so tune in and check it out!

Download My New Christmas Song for Free!

Just enter your email address here and you’ll get a link to download my brand new Christmas song “Santa’s Little Helper Lives in a Flask”!

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Free Admission w/ pledge!

Everyone who has contributed so far is invited to attend this Saturday’s show @ Meloldies Cafe in Ardmore, PA for FREE! Not only will you get to see me perform some BRAND NEW SONGS, but the fantastic Matt Cusson, all for free!

We’re looking forward to seeing you on Saturday 🙂

Melodies Cafe Show!

Melodies Cafe Show!

Live Record – Coming Soon!!!

Finally, I’ve gotten some time to sit w/ the live recordings I did w/ my band in 2012.

I’m really happy w/ the performances and I can’t wait to share them w/ you! The live record will only be available as a give away promotion for the fundraiser efforts of my new studio record. So stay tuned for more details. Until then, check out a video that features a track that will appear of the live record.

Live Record??


Yes, I’ve been talking about doing a LIVE record w/ my band since the summer.

We got some really great performances recorded over the last several months and we’re going to archive 1 more. This time I’ll have a monster 7 piece band performing some new tunes and reworking some old favorites. So don’t miss this show!!!