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Like you, I love music. My earliest memories revolve around it. It began with listening to my dad’s records on headphones, while I was still in diapers. Then daydreaming during class in high school about guitar parts. I even look back fondly at the nauseous stage fright feeling I would get every time I was on stage.

Music was always an escape, like a drug without any real negative side effects. As a listener, it takes me to another place and time. As a performer it gives me a voice and allows me to connect with people.

So the career paths I've chosen have always been about human connection. That's why I started out as a social worker. I wanted to feel real purpose and connection to the people I was working with everyday.

I feel the same exact way about music, so when I started making enough to support myself with music, I felt like it was my time to quit my dayjob and go “all in”

Here I am 12 years since that decision, it hasn’t been easy, but I don’t regret it. In fact I’m even more grateful now that I can support my family while while pursuing a dream. I get to do something that still excites me as much as it did when I first picked up the guitar at age 14.

One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned while working for myself is that I am way more productive when I am held accountable by other people. If i’m hired to do a job, I put everything I have into it. When I’m left to my own devices, like most people, I procrastinate

Knowing this is about myself, It be easy to let another year slip by... or 3 go by without releasing any new music. So in August of this year, I put myself into a do or die situation and went to Nashville and get to work.

I was able to find an awesome producer that shared the same vision for my songs. And I got to work with some amazing songwriters and musicians.

This is first group of songs that I feel really has a lyrical thread. These are songs about my life now...things I wasn’t really thinking about in my 20s, things I was too scared to say in my 30s and now, things that I can finally articulate.

Speaking of now...

I need your help to finish this record and release it out into the world. If I can meet my presale goal, I can start delivering this EP as early as Thanksgiving (which is only about 6 weeks away)

Whether this is your first time supporting me or you’ve been a long time fan, I want you to know that you are the reason I can still do what I love. So thank you for keeping me going!


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Pre Order Matt Santry's New EP before 11/21/17!
Digital Download: $10.00

Get the new EP + 1 bonus track and the 2015 Fall EP for only $10.

Autographed/Hand Numbered Limited Release CD: $25.00
Get a limited edition, hand numbered, autographed CD mailed to you. This printing will be for project backers only!
Handrwritten Lyrics : $50.00
I will personal handwrite lyrics to any one of my songs just for you.
T-Shirt & Tambourine: $75.00
Get a Matt Santry branded T-Shirt and Mini Tambourine
Video Thank You: $100.00
I will post a video Thank You to the Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.
Your Name in Liner Notes: $200.00
Have your named printed inside the CD liner notes.
Dress Me Up for Halloween: $250.00
This was a lot of fun when we did it 4 years ago, so I'll brave it again this time!
Limit: 0 of 1 Taken
Sit In with Me: $250.00
Play an instrument? Want to sit in on a song with me at a show? This is your chance!
Limit: 2 of 5 Taken
Write a Song with Me: $500.00
We will write a song together in person or via Skype. It may take 1-3 sessions 2 hour sessions.
Custom Song for You: $1,000.00
You're welcomed to cowrite the song with me and I can record you if want to perform on it as well.
Solo House Concert: $1,000.00
I perform in people's homes on a weekly basis. I can perform for up to 4hrs if you choose. (travel over 50 miles from 19355 is not included)
Autographed G&L Electric Guitar: $2,500.00
Are you a collector? You can own my Sunburst G&L Legacy Tribute Electric Guitar! I can autograph it as well. I've owned this guitar for 4 years and have recorded and played may live shows with it. It's a killer guitar!
Limit: 0 of 1 Taken
Band Concert: $5,000.00
The band can perform 3 sets for up to 4hrs. We even do weddings! (travel over 50 miles from 19355 is not included)
Be The "Executive Producer": $10,000.00
This title is for bragging rights and the unique opportunity to have your name associated with an amazing project!
Limit: 0 of 1 Taken
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